Required Equipment Our uniform, called a Toe'balk (a belt is included with the uniform), you may also purchase a T-shirt to wear instead of the uniform top, but a uniform top is required at all testings and seminars, sparring gear once you have reached the rank of 8th gup, and athletic suppporters for all male students. All the required equipment is available at Olympia's pro shop. You may also purchase Olympia jackets, sweatshirts, and DVD's of all our forms.


Becoming A Member Of The United States Chung Do Kwan AssociationYou are required to become a member at the rank of 7th Gup. Upon becoming a member, you will receive a membership card, and a USCDKA patch. Sew this onto your uniform's left arm. See for more details.






This is a very exciting program that focuses on developing self-discipline and self-confidence while interacting in a group environment. Your child will learn anti-kidnapping techniques, 911 drills, along with basic martial arts. This program meets once a week for approximately 30-45 minutes. This is a great to assure an easy transition into the junior class.


Pre-School Tae Kwon Do in Canton


Tae Kwon Do for Awesome Kids Aged 3 - 5


Our Mini ranger Tae Kwon do Program instills strong life skills when they are most impressionable. These early years are so vital in developing habits that will lead to healthier, happier and more confident children. At this age it's easiest for us to influence positive behavior, self-discipline and respect.


You will be excited when you see your child's confidence grow as they learn the unique activity known as the martial arts.


Enroll now in our Tae Kwon Do program and you will feel the excitement of seeing your child develop listening skills and social interaction while developing a happy "Yes I Can!" attitude. Nothing can compare to the feeling you get when you hear your child say "see Mom, I did it!"


Best of all the Mini Ranger Tae Kwon Do classes are FUN for parents, kids and the instructors!


*** Your child will increase their attention span

*** Your child will build confidence & self esteem

*** Your child will develop focus

*** Your child will learn to listen and follow directions

*** Your child will develop a healthy lifestyle

*** Your child will learn that learning is positive and fun!

*** Your child's balance and coordination will improve

*** Your child will learn to interact with other children

*** You will witness them grow in confidence, stature and self-belief!

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The 3 Levels of FOCUS

Parents love how we help their child develop more focus. One way we help is by teaching our three levels to better focus.


Level 1: Focus your eyes!

Level 2: Focus your mind!

Level 3: Focus your body!

By teaching these simple ways to be better focused, with the occasional reminder :-), we are able to see big gains in their short term concentration and long term focus.


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Students will learn the ancient art of Tae Kwon Do in a fun and structured class setting. All classes are instructed by certified black belts. Students learn to develop their own self awareness along with interacting with their fellow classmates.




The adult class is comprised of students ages 13 and above. All adult gup ranks and black belts are instructed by certified ADULT black belt instructors.




The mixed class is a great opportunity for parents and their children to train together. All age groups and gup ranks are welcome to train at the mixed class sessions.




Olympia offers an academic club to all students who maintain a "B" or higher grade point average. For the younger students we encourage checks and check pluses on each report card. After each marking period we host a party or special event for the students to attend. In the past we have had a Movie Night, Old Fashion Birthday party with fun games and treats, students have made Christmas and Valentine decorations for the school. Olympian encourages "homework/schooling" first and martial arts as a reward for the time and effort they put in at school and home.




The Olympia Chung Do Kwan Competition team is open to all students at Olympian who wish to participate in local and national tournaments. The team is instructed by the 2008 Olympic AAU Team Member, 5th degree black belt Alexander Covert. The team travels all over Michigan to local tournaments, and participates in both National and Junior Olympic events.




Each year Olympia hosts a picnic/gup testing in Freedom Park in Canton. Students test for their next belt rank in the morning and celebrate with water balloons and good food in the afternoon.




Each year Olympia students take time to celebrate Halloween with a hayride, pumpkin carving contest and bonfire. We participate in the 4th of July Parade and put on demonstrations at the Liberty Fest. All students are encouraged to participate no matter what belt rank or age.




There is always something exciting and fun happening at Olympia. You could walk in one day and see students working out in their pajamas. Olympia strives to make martial arts fun and exciting for students of all ages while still maintaining discipline and structure.




Boy scouts, Girl Scouts, Brownie troops can be found learning martial arts at Olympia. We offer seminars for all groups and organizations throughout Canton and surrounding areas. We can customize a seminar for most groups needs.




At Olympia we are all about family. It is a family owned and operated business. The entire Covert family is a part of the day to day operations at Olympia. Programs are designed so students have the opportunity to train alone or together with their older siblings or parents. Each year parents are invited to come out on the training floor and get out of their comfortable seats in the lobby and train with their children. We are all about family at Olympia.



Olympia Chung Do Kwan
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